Cyber Security

Threat prevention, detection, and response

Cybersecurity incidents force business organizations to acknowledge two principal facts.


First, the business entities must protect their assets and reputation.

Confidential Information

Second, even the best protective programs can fail sometimes

Accordingly our mission is to exclude such situations or to minimize potential material and non-material damages by strengthening your company data security.

At Miros, we believe it is not wise to assume these risks the security measures aren’t a luxury, in contrary they are an exigency, we do advocate that a proactive approach is the right thing to do in order to avoid and affront potentially unwanted scenarios . This holistic approach initiates by understanding of what is the most valuable data your enterprise owns and by structuring and supporting both proactive and reactive solutions that assure an optimal security level and protect your company from a major data security disaster.

Security Program & Strategy
Risk Technology

Boost security program without introducing new risks.
Building the right security strategy to predict new IT trends, solving skills shortages, and staying on the cutting edge of rapidly changing techniques is critical to create a mature security environment.

Identity & Access Management
Risk Technology

Identity and access management (IAM) technologies and business processes enable the creation, maintenance, and use of digital identity — ensuring that the right people gain access to the right materials and records at the right time.

Computer Security Incident Response
Risk Technology

Be proactive and reinforce your team’s ability to respond to security incidents.
Our consultants, will develop and will test cyber incident response plan and they will theach to your team how work with our procedures and our center.

Vulnerability Scan & Assessment
Risk Technology

Small and mid-sized business have become prime targets for cyber attackers.
The cyber attackers are becoming more sophisticated and our computer system are more complicated and more vulnerable than ever.

Data Security and Privacy

Miros helps organizations to reduce the risk of data breache, Miros does audit for compliance with industry regulations and privacy, Miros help to prevent insider trading and Miros protects sensitive and confidential data.